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Shielding Fabrics

Protection looking good!

Shield yourself against -

  • High frequency (HF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile phone transmitters, radio and TV transmitters, general electro-pollutants, like neighbour's cordless phones (esp. DECT)

  • Low frequency (LF) electric fields from the power grid.  This can be caused by home wiring and appliances, neighbours, power lines.

We stock protection for every purpose imaginable (paints, wallpapers, curtain material, window tinting, building). All shielding is based on metal surfaces, graphite, or fine metal mesh, woven into the textiles.  Some fabrics are very light and permeable, others are denser and more suited to clothing.  Please contact us for materials not listed here.

Fabrics are effective to 99.9999 % reduction in radiation intensity.  Depending on your needs, you may chose a fabric that feels just like any other cotton material. 

Fabrics can not be returned, so choose carefully.

If you are not sure about the right choice for your situation, feel welcome to phone or email. 

  • ALL PRICES ARE PER RUNNING METER, orders need to be for 1m, minimum
  • DISCOUNTS APPLY FOR ORDERS OVER 3m (with small amounts, freight is relatively more expensive, - at times more than the fabric, itself)  Please email for a quote.

Other fabrics are available, - this is our selection of 'favourites'.

Swiss Shield Naturell

Protecting you from high frequency radiation!

New Daylite

Highly-transparent polyester fabric, 25 dB attenuation (99.7 % shielding effectiveness). 

Our top selling fabric for workspaces due to its high transparency.

Silver Tulle

Semi-transparent nylon fabric, with 50 dB attenuation, corresponding to a shielding effectiveness of 99.999%. 

Silver Twin

Tight cotton-/polyester fabric, 57 dB attenuation (99.9998 % shielding effectiveness).  Front-side white cotton, backside silver-/polyester fibre.

Perfect as a curtain.  


Transparent, fine voile-fabric with 35 dB attenuation, corresponding to 99.97% shielding effectiveness.  Protects against radiation from mobile towers, radio, TV, etc.

Metallised Netting HNG80

Compact woven, metallised polyester netting, 80 dB attenuation (99.999999 % shielding effectiveness).

Our standard product for universal interior usage, especially suited for building into walls or floors.