Mould Inspection

  • Chronic cough?  Feeling fatigued? Asthma?  Allergies?
  • Concerned about mould in your home?
  • Moulds can be highly toxic and even deadly.  Don't let them ruin your health.
  • Note, - if you would like to know whether you have active mould growth, and you are not so much interested in an analysis of species, you might want to chose an IAQ test, instead.

We come to your home or work place, take samples, have them analysed in a laboratory and summarise findings and recommendations for re mediation in a report.

Sampling occurs after a thorough inspection, using the air sampling method.  This will catch the spores as you are exposed to them. 

The report will name the moulds found and the amount found.  See a sample report, HERE.

In summary, this information will be collated, judged, and recommendations for your situation will be developed. 

We like to include a sample of the outside air (as a control) and also check under the house, as part of the samples we take.

You will be able to know whether you are breathing in dangerous moulds and act accordingly.

Note, that not all moulds develop the characteristic musty smell.  You might be exposed to a hidden danger.


 Sample Type Fee
 Tape $ 150
 Swab $ 150
 Spore Trap (air filter) $ 180
 Travel, per hour $   20

You might need at least one spore trap, and approximately 4 tape/swab samples taken. 

It is always recommended to take a Control outside the home, as well as one under the house, if it has a suspended floor.  Taking 3 samples in different places inside, makes 5 samples, plus the air filter sample. 

The above suggestion would add up to $ 1030, but this is just a suggestion.  Every home is obviously different in size, location, construction, etc.  All samples include analysis. 

 Please call or email for further information, we'd love to help.